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Hospitals, Clinics in Several States Begin Recovery After Cyberattacks

Hospitals and clinics in several states on Friday began the time-consuming process of recovering from a cyberattack that disrup...

Getting Cannabis Business Insurance Right Amidst Tough Market Conditions

Cannabis Insurance is very difficult to obtain in todays market conditions, and the risk is very high for business owners. Ever...

FDA Requires Medical Devices be Secured Against Cyberattacks

The Food and Drug Administration will now require medical devices to meet specific cybersecurity guidelines. Many digital medic...

5 Evolving Workers’ Comp Losses in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has a variety of Workers’ Comp injuries that are different than a normal business. You need an insurance ...

Fraud Risks in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has a high risk of fraud due to a large use of a “Cash-Only” system. Cannabis companies are extremely sus...


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