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Cannabis Business Insurance

Tailored Coverage for a Complex Industry

It has been difficult for businesses in the cannabis industry to obtain adequate insurance to protect their investments. Praxis Insurance offers tailored cannabis insurance solutions that provide coverage in all states where cannabis is legal and a business is properly permitted. This type of insurance is essential for any business in the cannabis industry to fully protect their business from the risks that come with the business. 

Why have Cannabis Business Insurance?

Protects your business from theft, fires, or lawsuits.

Ensures a business is protected with product liability.

Peace of mind knowing your business is properly protected.

Coverage for equipment breakdowns.

Cyber liability insurance to shield against any cyber risks.

Mitigate risks in an ever-changing industry.

What We Cover

Our Coverages

Getting an Insurance Quote for your Cannabis Business

We can provide quotes for cultivation, warehousing & distribution, testing, labs & extraction, manufacturing and retail operations. And we can cover producers, processing, transporters and delivery and retail businesses.


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