About Us

Our commitment is to bring you coverage that is specific to your industry sector.  Our partners operate in niche markets to provide you access to programs fitting your unique industry needs.

Some of our focused segments include:

Cultural Philosophy

  • Always focus on what really matters: Great Service, Ease of Use, Honesty and Respect for our Customer’s Time, Money and Trust.
  • Provide a shared vision and strategy that sustains and directs growth while limiting distraction by providing a clear line of sight for all employees.
  • Discipline around expectations, accountability and authority all leading to a high achieving organization.

Risk Appetite

New Ventures

When submitting a new venture of any type, please include the following information:

  • Owner’s resume or bio with 3 years industry experience
  • At least one full time employee other than owner

Restaurant, additional info:

  • Targeting – fewer than 12 employees, unless part of a franchise
  • Targeting – liquor receipts less than 50%, provide total and liquor receipts
  • No delivery
  • Not open after midnight

Health Care, additional info:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Physicians Offices
  • Dentists and Dental Surgeons
  • Excludes – home health

Artisan Contractors, additional info:

  • New ventures are welcome
  • Roofing exposure - over 24 feet, provide job description for the height exposure and percent of work completed
  • Less than 50% sub-contracted work
  • Excluded - depth over 6 feet, 100% framers

Pest Control, additional info:

  • New ventures are welcome
  • Roofing exposure - maximum of 2 stories
  • Fumigation sub-contracted out
  • Excludes - tenting


We have options that will entertain lapses in coverage. Please include:.

  • Length of the lapse
  • Reason
  • Any losses during the lapse

Experience Mod

We have options that will entertain x-mods of all types.

Available in